What Apple’s iOS 14 Update Means for Your Facebook Ads

Apple has announced changes within its iOS 14 update that will impact the way Facebook can receive and process conversion analytics from tools such as its Facebook pixel. This may affect mobile app advertising in addition to web conversion statistics to optimize, target and report on. 

One of the most notable changes in the update is Apple’s requirement that apps in the App Store engage in what Apple calls “tracking”. This would show a prompt to iOS 12 users in accordance with their AppTrackingTransparency framework that will prohibit certain data collection and sharing unless users “opt-in”. 

The more people who opt-out of tracking on their iOS 14 devices means that there will be more limits to ad personalization and performance reporting for both app and web conversions. 

Facebook’s Response to iOS 14

Facebook will start processing pixel conversion metrics from iOS 14 devices in response to these updates. This new Aggregated Event Measurement will support efforts to preserve user privacy, while also assisting in operating effective campaigns. 

Because of this new limit, you will have to choose eight “events” to track conversions, and rank them in the Events Manager. Facebook’s guide to these events is helpful to decide which are important for your brand to track. 

Attribution windows are also being reduced from 28 to seven days, which may limit data to optimize. However, you can still keep an account of the sales and conversions that occur from days eight to 28 in other ways

How to Plan Facebook Ads Around iOS 14

There are some steps that you can take now in order to proactively prepare for these new changes. Brands who adapt to these different ways of collecting feedback, and stop relying on cookies for all of their insights, will be ahead of the curve. 

Evaluate the impact of targeting and optimization changes on your campaigns with the following considerations:

Strategic Alliances with Innovative Data Products

There are many products on the market that can provide advertisers with safe access to data. ‘Clean rooms’, for example, are tools that give advertisers greater access to customer data and can be later referenced for marketing campaigns.

This can be taken advantage of through Google’s Ads Data Hub, Facebook’s Advanced Analytics, Adobe’s Experience Platform, Amazon’s Marketing Cloud and more. 

Cookie Tracking Alternatives

The simplest path forward from third-party cookies is by giving the most relevant and frictionless journey to customers using the information that they feel comfortable sharing. First-party, privacy-friendly datasets may even be richer and more impactful when it comes to improving campaign performance. 

There are a number of user-specific identifiers that can help target individuals and facilitate retargeting efforts, such as email addresses and phone numbers. One way to increase volume and collect such information is by encouraging site login through offering incentives and improved authenticated experiences.

Value Exchange Strategies

Much like log-in encouragement, transparent incentives for customers to share their data through value exchange strategies is a great way to increase your brand’s first-party data. This allows the consumer to get something of value, while you learn more about your audience. 

Source: Think with Google

Data is essential to truly understand your customers, so it is important to collect it and use it to your advantage. 

The Future of Social Advertising

Apple’s restrictions along with Google’s plan to remove third-party data from Chrome later this year means that brands can no longer rely on outside platforms completely for rich data insights. Now is the time to make sure you are collecting your own first-party data so you can communicate directly with current and potential customers through different channels. 

Contact Brandstar Digital Marketing today to learn more about how we can help your business take the necessary actions in order to prepare and adapt. 



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