Why NOW is the Time to Focus on Your Company’s Digital Marketing Efforts

August 26, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many large and small businesses to transfer to remote work. Aside from these businesses, the majority of the population has also transitioned to staying at home, working remotely and virtual learning. Since people are at home, it is more convenient to order groceries, retail items, and home goods online as well. Submission of electronic documents to conduct business has also increased. 

Several months have gone by and people are finally adjusting and getting into their new routine. Being competitive and successful with your company’s digital marketing efforts can make the difference when it comes to staying relevant and saving jobs.

4 Digital Marketing Tips and Strategies to Implement 

1. Areas of Improvement

Working from home is a major transition that comes with a lot of challenges and trial and error in the first few months. Now is a critical time to look at where your business may be lacking in digital ads, content, SEO, and internal/external communication. 

Identifying that missing link can make a big difference when it comes to performance or accountability. Working remotely won’t always be flawless, but knowing your team has the knowledge and materials to be successful makes the process much smoother.

2. Anticipate Change

As we have seen in the past few months, safety guidelines, daily routines and updated work conditions seem to change daily. It is important to recognize that even when working remotely, every business has to make preparations to be flexible. 

Create interchangeable marketing materials for these uncertain conditions. Be ready to update graphic content that could contain outdated information from week to week when it comes to new findings related to COVID-19. 

3. Online Data

The growing number of people using online services is much higher than ever before. There are new generations of people using online services for the first time as well. With such a high volume of consumers, this new data should be taken advantage of. 

Google Ads are essential in this process. Google reaches a worldwide audience and they have an abundance of data analyzing tools that are fast and provide flexibility in budgeting. Because information obtained from Google is in real-time and enables you to quickly identify consumer trends, ad campaigns are a great way to target where consumers spend the most money and deliver relevant information about your business.

4. New Campaigns

Now is a great opportunity to review your current campaigns and see where you can elevate it to the next level or get creative by adding a new element to your digital marketing strategy. Look at your competitors to see how they are keeping their consumers engaged. Try switching your mindset to identify ways in which your customers can utilize your products or services at home by highlighting those benefits as opposed to simply focusing on in-person benefits.

Making a connection digitally is the key to strengthening customer relations. A few suggestions to reinforce those relationships can be as simple as writing a newsletter or sending an e-mail blast using the contacts of new and old customers. Try utilizing a new social media platform to expand to different communities. Social media is great for ad campaigns, interaction, and selling products. 

You may also introduce a blog to your website. More user-friendly content will improve your search engine rankings! Take the time to update your website so that it is more interactive with users, such as a chatbox to quickly help with user questions. During this time, remote workers may rely more heavily on their cellphones so designing a website that is Smartphone compatible will increase exposure as well. 

Working remotely has enabled employees to operate in new innovative ways which is why now is the time to dedicate your focus to your company’s digital marketing strategies. Although this is a stressful time, there has been some positive changes that have been made worldwide. Here is your opportunity to apply the new tips and strategies that have emerged in today’s new world.  

Seth Rand founded Rand Marketing in 2010 and served as CEO until August 2017. While Seth was CEO, Rand Marketing was named a Premier Google Partner and added to the Inc. 5000 list for growth as a privately-owned company. Seth was also named 40 Under 40 by South Florida Business Journal in 2016.