Advertising Audit & Marketing Consultation

Advertising Audit & Marketing Consultation

We take a unique approach to your advertising and marketing budget because we want to save you money! We have established extensive relationships throughout the marketing industry that allow us to pass savings on to our valued clients.

We would appreciate the opportunity to audit your advertising and marketing expenses. In our experience, we can often identify cost savings opportunities of 10%-25%, whether that be from reviewing agreements and invoices from your existing vendors and contractors, removing brokers and resellers from the equation and going direct to the source, canceling poor-performing and untrackable campaigns, or identifying opportunities to re-negotiate with and/or consolidate vendor.

We typically save our clients 5x-10x our audit and consultation fee in annual expense savings.

In addition, we can do competitor research to determine where your competition is spending their advertising and marketing dollars, what ads they are running, what keywords they are bidding on, what landing pages they are using, where they are getting their backlinks from, and much more.

We then develop a recommended 6-12 month strategy that can be implemented to help grow your market share in a tactical and cost-effective way including using the latest technologies.