Google and Shopify Announce New Online Shopping Expansion

Google today announced it will be deepening its partnership with Shopify. Shopify’s 1.7 million merchants will now be able to easily reach shoppers in across some of Google’s platforms, including Search.

The move comes as Google and Shopify are ramping up their efforts against increased competition in the e-commerce realm other advertising platforms including Amazon. According to eMarketer, Amazon expects to earn 19% of all search ad revenue this year. This compares marginally to about 57% for Google.

Shopify shareholders were excited by the news, as were we as Google Partners. 

Google made the announcement during its Google I/O conference for software developers. Although Google didn’t offer many details, we know it will allow Shopify merchants to appear across Google Search, Google Maps, Google Lens, Google Images, and YouTube “with just a few clicks.”

Shopping Graph with Google

In a post, Google said this will make Shopify merchants’ products more discoverable across the various Google properties.

Separately, Google announced other enhancements to its e-commerce functionality. This includes Google’s Chrome browser persistently displaying shopping carts when users open new tabs, so they can return later to complete their online shopping.

This so-called “Shopping Graph” will pull together information across websites, price reviews, videos and product data. Online shoppers can now be better informed about where to find items, which merchant has the best price and more.

Similarly, Google also said it would be opening its platform to third-party providers to allow retailers more buying options outside of its own platform. This includes two leaders in the e-commerce industry, Shopify and PayPal.

This announcement comes alongside Google’s efforts for consumers to find shopping for products via its platform useful. In fact, Google made it free for merchants to sell their products across their platform earlier this past year.

Google’s New Expansion For Your Shopify Storefront

This integration requires merchants to take action in order for their Shopify storefront to be included in Google. Want help taking advantage of this new expansion with your Shopify website and Google Shopping? Contact Brandstar Digital today for a free no-obligation consultation! 



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