We are proud to celebrate Brandstar Digital’s one-year company anniversary! This last year has been an exciting year of growth and development in a variety of aspects. Between signing new clients, adding exceptional talent to our team, and expanding our list of digital services, we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

What Did We Accomplish?

Over the last year, Brandstar Digital has grown tremendously. 

Based on our core principles — by being proactive in our approach with our clients and through generating a return on ad spend, we have grown alongside our valued clients and earned their referrals. Since solidifying our foundation, Brandstar Digital has grown 135% over the past six months!

CEO & Co-Owner of Brandstar Digital Seth Rand states: “I’m thrilled to be joined at Brandstar Digital by so many of the senior staff from my prior agency. After successfully helping hundreds of entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses together in the past, it’s that much easier for us to implement effective campaigns and drive real results for new clients this time around.” 

One of the main sources of opportunity has been Seth and Luke’s membership in EO’s South Florida chapter alongside over 200 other successful entrepreneurs. Because of this membership, we have been able to work with successful businesses and entrepreneurs across South Florida.

Through our EO relationships, we’ve had the pleasure of working with: one of the most delicious popsicle companies; an empanada bakery; a commercial cleaning company; a leading public relations firm; a stunning home decor company; a pool fence manufacturing and installation company; a managed IT services company; a residential real estate company; and, a mobile app development company.

What Did We Learn?

During our first year as Brandstar Digital, the knowledge and skills that our team of digital experts has gained is unparalleled.

We attended the Social Fresh Conference in Orlando to learn the latest trends and features on the various social media platforms.

Because of our vast range of clients, we have gained an immense amount of insight into a variety of industries including home improvement, law, technology, engineering, e-commerce, food service, professional services and many others.

At Brandstar Digital, we are all about testing to find what works best for our clients. We’ve tested a few new tools and software this last year to find the best possible digital solutions. We looked at new social media trends, such as posting in groups as a business. We tried out new tools for geofencing, such as Venue Replay. We researched new link building opportunities to help increase keyword rankings for clients. 

We also learned where users are spending most of their time, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. First, we learned how efficient our team can work remotely both with each other and with our clients. Utilizing video conferencing, we haven’t missed a beat and, in fact, have been able to spend additional hours each week focused on generating results for our clients that would have been spent in rush hour commute. Second, we have noticed and implemented new strategies to meet the change in consumer behavior and demands, including delivery services and essential businesses. Third, we recognized that the digital advertising and marketing solutions we offer are even more relevant with an audience that is traveling less often. We are able to help our customers effectively transition from traditional forms of advertising — such as billboards, radio, and advertisements placed in popular areas like airports — to successful digital strategies.

What is Changing?

We are excited to implement some positive changes as we move forward to the next chapter.

First, we continue to add new talent to our evolving team of digital experts including web designers and developers, SEO and PPC specialists, email marketing experts, social media gurus, and exceptional content writers.

Second, we continue to add new services that can benefit our clients and help drive real results for their businesses. From new social media features like businesses joining and posting in groups to new geofencing strategies for local businesses as the world starts to reopen, we will make sure that we have all the necessary offerings available to help our clients thrive and succeed. 

Third, we continue to invest in the most advanced and up-to-date tools and technologies to help us gain new insight for our clients and drive new business for their companies. Whether this means adding a new social media reporting tool or using ourselves as a “guinea pig” for new software, we will ensure that we stay on top of the latest trends and emerging tools in the digital marketing world so that we can offer our clients even more value.

What’s Next?

What is next for Brandstar Digital? We expect to grow even more over the next year by setting our goals high and giving it 100% at all times. 

In addition, we look forward to hosting a Grand Opening at our Wizard headquarters in Fort Lauderdale in the coming months.

You can expect to see our client portfolio grow, our team to expand, our partner marketing to increase, our services to broaden, and much, much more. We’re excited for this coming year and for what is to come — we hope you are too!



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