Facebook is ‘Underreporting’ iOS Ad Results Amid Apple’s Recent Privacy Updates

While many marketers and businesses alike had a gut feeling, Facebook finally said it has been underreporting advertising results on Apple iOS devices. The statement caused the social media giant’s shares to take a toll of 3.7%, reaching $344.32 in morning trading sessions.  In a blog post, the company acknowledged that Apple’s recent privacy update […]

How Amazon is Changing the Advertising Game

Given the recent and drastic escalation of Amazon’s advertising revenue, other tech giants such as Google and Facebook are left wondering what the future of tech and advertising will look like. As of now, Amazon accounts for about 40% of all e-commerce in the United States, and in specific categories it exceeds 90%. In fact, […]

How Lookalike Audiences Can Support Your Marketing Efforts in the Post-IDFA World

With Apple’s recent roll-out of IOS 14.5, the digital marketing industry has finally faced what it fretted for many months – the depreciation of Apple’s identifier for advertisers (IDFA). The advertising industry has long relied on the IDFA, a.k.a. identifier for advertisers, which is a type of mobile advertising ID used to gain anonymous insights […]

What Apple’s iOS 14 Update Means for Your Facebook Ads

Apple has announced changes within its iOS 14 update that will impact the way Facebook can receive and process conversion analytics from tools such as its Facebook pixel. This may affect mobile app advertising in addition to web conversion statistics to optimize, target and report on.  One of the most notable changes in the update […]