Corporate Web Stores

Corporate Web Stores

Brandstar Digital will develop a custom web store to fit your brand and business. We can design a Corporate Web Store (Company Web Store) for employees to order branded merchandise, but we also specialize in developing online retail e-commerce stores for companies to sell their products to their clients. Either way, our goal in the design phase is to make the purchasing process as easy as possible for the end user to navigate.

When it comes to functionality of a Company Web Store, we offer a wide range of payment options, customizable coupons, electronic gift certificates, and the ability to take donations, all within the online corporate web store.

Clients tell us that picking out products for their Company Web Store is fun! To help make the process easier, we provide our clients with actual virtual mockups of how promotional products will look with their company logo. This takes the guesswork out of choosing products for their company store.

Your online Company Web Store should make ordering branded merchandise easier for you and your users! Store functionality is a top priority for us, and we definitely deliver.

When you set up an eCommerce store with us, we offer the following unique Account Set-Up & Order Tracking options:
Stores can be pre-populated with user accounts, or users can create their own accounts as they place orders. Your store can be set up to take guest orders or orders only from registered users.

You want your online company store to be a secure place for your brand and for your users. In our safe shopping environment, each store user has his or her own personal account. Our staff can set up accounts with usernames and passwords; however, following the initial setup, personal passwords are never visible. Forgotten passwords can be reset only by users or Brandstar Digital staff.

With an inventory store (where your inventory is stored in our warehouse for fulfillment), live inventory numbers are displayed online for each product. Each time a purchase is made, the Inventory is automatically adjusted and visible for users.

This powerful tool allows users to see all of their orders, both prior and current. The report displays the order date, the name of the order (if they chose to enter one), the order total, the status of the order (canceled, shipped, etc.) and the shipper tracking number assigned to the order.

You can be in complete control with this optional feature which requires manager approval for either all orders or specified orders that come through the store. A manager must approve a pre-order before it actually becomes an order in your store.

Once you’ve selected the combination of product and apparel that’s right for your store, our customer service team has the product ordered and shipped to one of our warehouse facilities. We have strategically placed our distribution centers throughout the country to save on shipping times for our clients. Our warehouses are located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Chicago, IL, and Las Vegas, NV. Once your product comes into our facilities, it is carefully checked-in and labeled for storage in your own area of our warehouses. Inventory is tracked live without your store and we can prompt you when it’s time to reorder a popular item or time to change a product for something new.

If you have a number of different departments or locations with their own logos and you don’t want to stock inventory for each of them, a “no-inventory” store may be the answer. In this type of store, no product is warehoused. Branded merchandise is purchased only as users place orders online. Orders from your store are batched at Wizard Creations corporate office in South Florida. Your users receive stock on-demand with no need for large purchases or warehousing.

Many of our clients are finding that a combined system of inventory and no-inventory works best for their stores. In this model, there are items that are warehoused at Wizard Creations for fulfillment when an order is placed. There are also items which are batched for on-demand processing.

Whether or not you choose to have an inventory or no-inventory store, our experienced staff takes care of all the fulfillment details for each of the orders placed in your store. Our customer service team will take care of processing and shipping online orders.

When your inventory is stored in our warehouse, we package and ship each order as it comes into the store. Orders are shipped via UPS unless you make other arrangements with us. Tracking numbers are emailed to the user as well as visible online through the “My Orders” shopping link.

Orders through a no-inventory store are shipped directly to the user from the supplier. Users are emailed a UPS shipping notification when their product is shipped.

Please contact us to discuss your online corporate web store!