OTT Advertising

OTT Advertising

Pre-Roll and Mid-Roll Digital Video Advertising

Engage new customers by serving them video ads across premium publishers.  Video is an excellent medium for reaching users via desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.   Your:30 or:15 second video ad will be shown to users before they can view the “Snackable” content they were searching for.  Digital video captures the excitement, power, and storytelling of television, with the targeting capabilities of digital advertising.  Build your key audience based on-site and search retargeting, contextual and category targeting, geography and demographics such as age and gender.


Pre-roll:  Video ads appear immediately before video content on publishers like  CNN, ABC Family, Discovery, HGTV and Bravo

Mid-roll:  Video ads appear within the content of longer videos, such as complete television episodes, etc. 


Digital TV Advertising Solutions including CTV & OTT


The massive shift in viewership from broadcast and cable television, into streaming platforms, is undeniable.  85% of U.S. households watch content via OTT/CTV.  60 million U.S.  consumers will not pay for television this year, and the number is growing.  With our Advanced Television Solutions, it’s easier and more efficient to reach cord-cutters, cord-nevers and cord-shavers than ever before.  Your non-skippable video ad will run across streaming platforms in long-form, “TV Like” programming,  movies, and live events.


OTT:  Streaming long-form, “TV Like” video content over the internet without the need for a subscription from a cable or satellite provider.  Full  episodic (20 minutes or longer) content is viewed across desktop, tablet,  mobile, Smart TV’s, set-top boxes/multimedia devices and gaming consoles

CTV:  Same streaming programming as OTT, however, content is only viewed on Smart and Device Enabled  TV’s and gaming consoles