Mateen Hatefi: Senior WordPress Developer

Senior WordPress Developer & SEO Manager

Mateen is an accomplished Senior WordPress Developer & SEO Manager at the esteemed digital agency, BrandStar Digital. With over 11 years of experience under his belt, Mateen has garnered an impressive reputation within the industry for his exceptional skills in web development and search engine optimization. His ability to create effective web solutions that deliver optimal user experience while adhering to industry best practices is second to none.

In his current role, Mateen holds the position of Web Department Supervisor and SEO Manager. He leads a team of developers and designers to create high-quality and functional websites for clients across various industries, while also ensuring that they are optimized for search engines. His skills and expertise in web development and search engine optimization allow for a smooth amalgamation of both elements, resulting in websites that draw visitors, enhance conversions, and bolster search engine rankings. Mateen’s attentiveness to detail and commitment to keeping abreast of industry trends and standards make him a valuable member to the BrandStar Digital team.

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